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Are you sick of starting from ground zero every single time?

✨✨Do you find yourself on a diet roller coaster, with one week off, one week on, and this happens every single month?

✨✨✨Have you ever felt lazy because no matter what you couldn’t stick to a workout routine?

You’re probably looking at this going {well I get by- I’m not overweight } but you know things could be better. You know that on the week/s you stick to your daily workout routine & eat healthy you feel on top of the world – your skin glows – you feel more confident & radiant.

The problem doesn’t happen on those days – it’s on the days you hit a slump. You don’t want to get out of bed. You feel like “ah well I can miss this workout- this one time” – then that one time turns into 2, which turns into 3- before you know it you’re right back at square 1.

Then you put off starting again because “ you are going to stick to it for real this time & that’s why you should give yourself one last hurrah this weekend & start on Monday” & maybe {just maybe} you start the cycle all over again.

 Imagine, finally being able to stay on track for GOOD, and never falling into yo-yo dieting again…

And what if I told you, that you could do this without sacrificing your sanity, drinking any “magic shakes”, and you won’t have to spend 5 hours a day at the gym?


Effortlessly staying on track with a healthy lifestyle (warning: your friends might even start referring to you as “the healthy friend”)

Never having to be in an on-again-off-again relationship with your health

Going through your days, full of energy, radiance, and feeling on top of the world.

Hi, I’m Suncana & let me tell you I’ve been there……

I started out pretty “healthy” or so I thought…..
My barometer for health was always being able to pick up and run a 5k no matter what else had gone on in my life {being a kid who played all the sports in school – that seemed pretty standard}

When I went away to university I started getting sick a lot. I didn’t understand why for a long time
(hindsight I guess the diet of an unsupervised child in a candy store was not ideal 🙈)

I remember the first time I could not run a 5k without stopping. It was terrifying. I always had school activities to keep me moving – now that I didn’t have obligations to stay healthy I didn’t know how to stay consistent.
Quite a while later {longer than I care to admit
🙈} I  started delving deeper into my health and the causes of my hair and skin issues which I had never had in the past. Many things worked as a quick fix, but nothing really worked long term. If by chance I had some gluten  🍞🍞🍞or milk or cheese or sugar -sometimes even fruit… I had serious issues re-attack.

I thought I had my health pretty much under control but after some stressful events the issues resurfaced….and they were only getting worse.

That year I had next to zero energy to exercise and even though I was a yoga teacher I found myself slipping into old patterns of that on again off again relationship with exercise.

I did a ton of research – trial, and error & by implementing some major shifts – mentally & physically- creating life-long habits- I was able to make health a fun habit, not a chore. I no longer felt sick. In fact, I felt energetic, healthy, and could finally run a 5k again easily!

So now I’m here with you…

I’m a movement & wellness instructor & I help millennial females just like you to connect to their bodies by making health a habit.

I wish you as much success and beauty on this health journey as I have discovered.

The Final Reset can help you get on that path.
Optimal health is within reach for all of us!

This sh*t gets good I promise 😘

What if I told you that you NEVER had to fall off the bandwagon again and that you never had to start another detox again? (because you always end up right back where you started- I’ve been there girl 🙌- did all of the detoxes)

Introducing… The Final Reset

66 days to take you from a yo-yo lifestyle to sustainable health for life.
With my proven step-by-step system, I can teach you how to get AMAZING results, in HALF of the time.

Imagine in 66 days creating all of the habits you need to keep yourself on track for good.

✨You would be excited to drink your green drink and do your workout. As a result, your health is exciting to you – it no longer seems like a drag.
✨Your skin glows.
✨You feel comfortable walking up a large flight of stairs because you don’t get winded.
✨You are comfortable in your own skin.

If you….

Know you need to make better habits and you keep trying but failing

Have ever felt like you had no willpower

Used to be active because of school or other mandatory activities but because you have no reason to workout anymore struggle staying motivated

🍋This program is for you🍋




👆This may not be for you if….

👆You think that starving yourself is the way to love your body

👆You believe that a “perfect” body means six pack and nothing else

👆You believe that moving your body doesn’t affect how you feel

👆You want a quick fix diet pill or shake

I’ve helped many of my yoga students connect to their bodies for greater health, now it’s your turn.

What will we cover in the 66 days of the Final Reset?

🍋How to set up for success every week

🍋What to do if you do have a setback to make sure it doesn’t throw off your lifestyle.

🍋Lots of recipes and ideas.

🍋Weekly workout program.

🍋Weekly yoga videos.

🍋Weekly HIIT/ bodyweight workouts.

🍋Bi-weekly meditations.

🍋Bi-weekly restorative/ myofascial release videos.

🍋 DAILY check ins:

Every day you will receive an e-mail with instructions on what your daily activities are. The e-mail will include links to the videos and will require you to write back to check in. They will also include some inspiration and tips and tricks.

This program is designed to take the guessing game out. By having a daily e-mail come to your inbox to tell you what you need to do, you don’t need to deplete your willpower by think and mulling it over.

For just 197USD 

{Psssssst…. Interested in getting the whole amazing program for free??— scroll down to the bottom}



2 Payments of 105 USD

Now is the time.

✨✨✨With the buzz of the New Year, most people get started off on the right foot at 100 miles an hour but crash and burn by January 15th.

So instead we will start this life changing program on January 15th. 2017 is your year.

P.S. This program is going up in price{double to be exact} the next time I run the Final Reset guided edition.

I don’t believe in things happening by accident. You landed here because you have been looking for a way to make health fun and to create better healthy habits.

For less than the price of your daily coffee, you can create the healthy lifestyle you’ve been striving for over the last few years.

Imagine having the confidence & body love you have been craving.

What would that do for your overall quality of life?

This program is different than any other program out there.

I have worked on it for a very long time to make sure it creates sustainable habits.

It has the workout programs, tons of information & content but most importantly it teaches you to connect to your body for greater health & requires you to build sustainable habits by checking in daily.

In addition, it also focuses on strength and flexibility whereas most programs focus on just one or the other.

Unlike other programs it also takes the body as a whole into consideration & it makes varies the types of movement and body connection you do daily.

You can start your sustainable healthy lifestyle for just 197USD


2x payments of 105USD.


-Who is this program specifically designed for?
Anyone who is ready to finally make healthy living a lifestyle. They’re excited to create healthy habits & to stop warring with their bodies.

– How do I know I am ready for this program?
If you have tried and failed many times. If you get annoyed anytime anyone tells you to eat less or workout more. Then this is the place to be. This program is body connection based & mean to be accessible whether you are globetrotting or working a 9-5. Imagine being able to hang onto those healthy habits anywhere you go.

– Why 66 days?
The University College of London did a study and concluded that it takes 66 days to build a habit. Since we are building healthy lifestyle like a healthy habit 66 days is the ideal time to wire your brain to love being healthy

.-Why 197 USD?
While I charge 99 $+ for an hour long yoga session with me & 10 yoga classes at a studio alone would be 120+,I decided on this low low price, for this round, because I think this program can change lives & I wanted to make sure it would be within reach for anyone that needs this transformation in their lives. So for less than the price of your coffee, daily this 66-day program will help you finally make healthy fun. This program took years to develop because I wanted to make sure that it’s the best it can be and as a result, you get a program that has the power to change your health habits for good. 

-Do I get to keep the program & videos after the 66 days?
You most certainly do – & what’s more- you get lifetime access to every Final Reset I run in the future. This means you get to keep all the content plus benefit from the new content I put into the program.

– How long will the workouts take?
They vary in time commitment {from 25 75 min} and for the challenge, it will be important to stick to the designated workouts because they are designed to get the best results and create these healthy habits, so you don’t have to use your much-coveted willpower to make yourself do a workout. The super awesome benefit is that after the program is done and the habits are created, you will have an awesome {and ever growing} library of videos to choose from daily depending on the allotted time you have.

– But I’m not flexible. Will I be able to do the yoga?
Girl! That is A-okay. The workouts are designed to align you in the proper way and no flexibility is required for proper form. Over time as you build muscle and flexibility you will be doing it in a way that makes your body beautifully resilient.

-What if I don’t like it?

I am so confident that this program will help you develop the healthy habits you have been striving for that if it does not within the first 30 days – I will give you all of your money back.

– What if I have days I want to hang out with my friends and skip a workout?
I understand that everyone has slip ups from time to time. Sometimes it’s even a pre-planned choice. That’s okay- while I encourage you to stick to the scheduled program if you want to hop over to one of the shorter workouts ones once in a while it’s okay as long as you document it. This is what the check-ins are designed to help with. You are to check in daily with me to prevent one day from turning into 3-5-10- a month etc… if you miss a check in 3 days in a row you get a few gentle reminders.

– What’s difference between this and just doing your free classes online?
The accountability is the big ticket in this program. On top of the fact that the workouts are the full length {vs online where they are just 20 min} you also have a check in to help you create sustainable habits for life.

For just 197 USD


2 payments of 105USD

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