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Talk of oil love

My Love Affair with Essential Oil

I have had my fair share of living out of alignment and things have been on the up and up for a few years now. One of the big factors that I attribute to my well being is essential oil.

Let me paint you a picture….

As I mention in my start your body here page I was the kid with zero health problems. I could run 5 k at the drop of a hat, running training and prep? Who needs that? Healthy eating? That’s something my mom does to torture me right?

However, as with all things that are too good to be true… My body started sending me signals in more harsh ways. I then made the decision to take better care of my health and boy has it been a journey. It’s not easy….

Some days I am Superwoman… Running 10k, lifting weights, doing yoga and running a kick ass Health Biz. Yet other days I just want to eat 15 (organic)  pizzas all to myself and creep facebook for hours…. balance right? Isn’t that what we call it now?

As much as I know I need those self care, listen to your body days. I do try and keep them as close to alignment with what I am trying to do for myself and my business. (Hence the organic pizza…. Plus I’ll throw in a bubble bath.. and the FB creeping… well that’s all productive biz work as far as I’m concerned)

The things that keep me on track will be (or already are) discussed throughout the blog all over but the one thing I have got to say has been life changing is discovering the power of the little essential oil vile. I have a huge stack and whenever I feel any sort of misalignment I hit up my stash to see what draws me in. (Sounds a bit on the woo woo side but let me tell ya… it works) Usually a no fail oil with me is Peppermint, it’s usually the kick in the pants I need but I let my body decide what I need/want that day.

I had already discovered the skin benefits of essential oil a few years ago but I didn’t exactly connect the brain barrier/internal benefits when (drum roll please…….) I started having sleeping issues…

For the FIRST time in my life…..

Let me tell ya… I am the soundest sleeper of LIFE…. I sleep through dogs barking next to the bed and car alarm right outside my open window (without even so much as a flinch might I add.. just ask anyone that’s lived with me…. if I am not ready to get up… my alarm is that person’s worst nightmare). So to say that sleeping problems are foreign territory would be a serioussssss understatement. My love, Kyle, dug around for me and found the benefits of lavender oil. He gifted me a book and some oils for Christmas and thus began my amplified obsession.

I’ll have you know I have had zero sleeping issues since that day and reach for my essential oil when I am in all sorts of moods.

Fast Forward…..

And I discovered DoTerra…. Quality control, indigenously sourced, co-impact sourcing and so many other benefits. They are the BMW of essential oil in my opinion. I am so blessed to share these babies with my high vibe tribe.

Spark your interest? Want to know more? Shoot me a message or leave a comment. I will get you a sample asap!

Otherwise hang tight. I’ve got some awesome DIY recipes coming as well as some challenges I cannot wait to include you in. Official start time is September. There’s a good chance you will be singing essential oil love soon.

Let’s Uncoil some love for Essential Oil.

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July 31, 2016
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    Your post is inspiring. I love making my own beauty products using essential oils as well, and I use infinity jars ( to store them.

    February 22, 2017 at 10:07 pm
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