Feeling it in My body

feeling it in my body

The Feeling at a Teacher Training

The other day I wisked off to New York for a teacher training with Jill Miller for Yoga Tune Up®. It was the Breath and Bliss Immersion portion and it was nothing short of spectacular. Jill is a serious fountain of knowledge that I try getting as close as possible to. It was 3 amazing days of breathing. Yes! Breathing can take 3 days and probably much much longer if she let it. It was an amazing feeling. Our minds were open to new possibilities and way our body affects our breath and vice versa that I never would have even began to put together. I will leave the details of the training for you to discover in person one day. It’s definitely worth the trip to New York city or LA if you are serious about helping people be better in their bodies (or if you are eager to be a better human in your body for that matter).




Every day we did a practice portion of the training and every day I watched as most of the people around me grabbed their notebooks and frantically wrote between each pose.

The following Sunday I did yet another Yoga Tune Up® training and I witnessed the same thing. People writing frantically.

Was I missing something?? Am I just a horrible student? A horrible teacher? What is it? Why did I not feel compelled to write all of this down? It’s such useful information. I know it is. I feel it in my body, so I know the change and difference it can make.

That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head.

During the training we had the feedback portion after the practice classes and quite a few of those frantic writers talked about how they had a hard time just letting go. They talked about how every time something felt good or they heard a good cue they snapped out of that and had to write it down. For their clients/students of course. I did not have that problem, I zoned in and paid attention to the classes in my body not in my notes.

Now while this note taking may work very well for some teachers. (Trust me I have met many a great ones that can snap in and out of a practice like Janet Jackson’s bra). I realized the reason I never make any notes (Serious, none- My sheets look as blank as that Marauder’s Map on Harry Potter) is because I am busy making mental and physical ones.

Unlike many other teachers I MUST feel something in my body in order to be able to teach it. I am very bad at teaching theory, I am very good at teaching you to feel what I felt. So while it may seem like I am not paying attention because I am not writing. I am busy letting my body take notes that I can replicate over and over again on my own until I figure out how to teach my students to feel exactly what I feel.

I pride myself on teaching my students something new about their bodies. Our bodies are a great wonder and if I can’t continue to discover new ways to move and now places to feel, I can’t teach others that feeling.

I can’t teach what I haven’t felt.

I take the notes that are provided during trainings and I ask others to borrow theirs, or I cross my fingers and hope that the syllabus included what I needed (yes this has bit me in the butt a time or two). That seems to be a risk I am willing to take because when I write notes just verbatim what someone is saying I zone out. I focus on writing and not on feeling. This causes issues down the rode because my body is not intelligent enough to understand the words I have written.

So no you can’t borrow my notes. I have none on paper. You can take my class though and feel what I felt. Everybody has their own way. My body wants to feel in order to replicate. Others have an easier time writing and feeling. Neither is wrong. Just different approaches.


feeling it in my body


Are you a note writer? Can you feel your practice, your muscles, your workout and also take notes? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message on social media over on the top right hand corner or the page.

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