How Justin Bieber Can help your Self-love

justin bieber

Why I Love the new Justin Beiber Song

It could be an old song and I am just that far behind the times but the song “Love Yourself” has been blowing up my radio lately. I must say not only is it catchy but FINALLY a good role model song. From Justin Bieber none the less.

Yea I bet you didn’t think that was coming. Role model song?  How? Well I mean the general premise of the song may not be the best but the chorus just reeks of self power and worth. Whoever he is singing about … yes , yes she should go love herself. We all should!


justin bieber


We get so stuck in wondering who thinks what and whether someone likes what we do or don’t do. How about we just clear our minds and think of the things we love about ourselves? Revolutionary? No. Methods of body awareness have been asking us to do this exact thing for centuries. We are just too stubborn to listen. Plus the magazine covers and the other flashy media don’t always help.

I will not lie and say I have never looked at a magazine and thought “damn that girl is good looking”. However, I have worked very hard on detoxing my mind from the self-bullying that used to follow that. The “oh I’ll never look that good”, or “I wish I had that body/those eyes/ skin tone…”… etc… There is no need for it. I’m the first person to say that my body/life/diet/lifestyle whatever is a work in progress but I love it where it is right now. Just because I love it doesn’t mean I have given up working toward the best version of me. I know I can get better but I will love myself in the process.

This is why I think this song is so awesome. I think in a way it is highlighting how our society sees loving yourself. As a negative. (I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Justin didn’t really mean to highlight that but hey it happened). As if loving yourself makes you a radical &!*(#. Well if that’s the case then I will take that title gladly.

The song is catchy but there is so much more to it. Loving yourself is actually something that we are missing as a society. We see self confidence and love as cockyness. Self compassion and love for who we are and where we are in our journey is what this song should remind you of. No I am not a “crazy” feminist because I think this should go for males too. Love yourself. Do it in a quiet and confident way. Do your work with confidence and let it speak for you. It’s okay to have goals you are working towards. It’s not okay to hate yourself for not being there.

I need a girl to write a “I will love myself” version as a rebuttal Sporty Thievz style because we should love ourselves.


justin bieber


My sincere apologizes if you were looking for a serious Justin Beiber review and got this heart to heart but it needed to be said. Detox from the need to think of our love for ourselves and what we do as a negative.

How will you detox to show yourself love? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message over on social media!

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