Charcoal Oil Pulling

Charcoal Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling with Activated Charcoal

I have been planning on writing about all of the amazing benefits of Oil pulling for so so long. Well I got over it and put a twist into the mix and it turned out to be awesome! I have oil pulled for so long that I kinda don’t even remember how I felt before I oil pulled. It seems to be more ingrained in my routine than a regular tooth brushing (although it does not replace brushing your teeth, do not be mistaken!). Now when I don’t do it I feel heavier, like I am carrying a bigger toxic load (that could totally be in my head though).


Charcoal Oil Pulling


I’m sure if you have been in the health section on Pinterest anytime recently you have seen that oil pulling manifestos are popping up everywhere so I won’t for you with the benefits of oil pulling. Main concept is the fat in the oil attract the toxins in your body and when you spit the oil out you eliminate them. I also have a theory (just a theory) that your body absorbs some of the healthy fat from the coconut oil and therefore doesn’t absorb as many from the french fries or whatever other bad fats you consume later (think coconut oil moisturizer vs cheap drugstore-they do the same thing but one will probably not help balance your skin in the long run).

So what have I done to spice up the old coconut oil pulling game? I recently added activated charcoal to my morning plan. I had heard from David Asprey the many benefits of activated charcoal. In case you are not familiar with activated charcoal it is one of the oldest remedies (still sometimes used in hospitals for it’s ability to run thorough the body quickly and like a sponge pull the toxins as it makes it’s quick exit -if you know what I mean). It can help alleviate gas and bloating, help prevent hangovers, assists in emergency toxin removal, clean water (that’s what those black things on the bottom of a britta filter are) the list goes on.

However I was recently looking at an infographic Dr. Axe has on the benefits of activated charcoal and it mentioned something I was not aware of…. this amazing black substance can help whiten teeth (bingo! Let’s add that into the oil pull and see what happens).

Even though I have only been doing it for about a week now I have already noticed some improvements. My teeth are definitely whiter (not as white as I want them to be but still a step in the right direction!-not that I have like wicked witch teeth or anything…..). On top of that I feel that I am pulling a lot more toxins out, my nose clears from any congestion when I do it (this was an effect that coconut oil alone only had when I did it more than once in a day-yes I’ve coconut oil pulled more than once… I like to try things out!). I have also tried having some cows milk on a few days… and while this may be a stretch and may be partially in my head I do not get the same allergic reactions from it as long as I oil pull with charcoal the next morning.

So how do I do this?

– I take my regular spoon of coconut oil
– I add a pinch of activated charcoal (I have capsule at the moment so I just add half of the capsule but I plan on getting the powder after)
– I put it in my mouth and switch it around for about 20 minutes

After my post on My day I had a few people wrote me about headaches when they oil pulled. While I am not a doctor (and definitely don’t claim to be one) here are my thoughts on the headaches subject:

– From an anatomical perspective our Masseter muscle can be weak or already overworked (especially if you are a jaw clencher) so it may be hard for it to keep pumping the oil around especially as it gets thicker for the full 20 minutes
– Also the Masseter is directly linked to your Temporalis which means when it is over- worked it can translate up and cause headaches
– From a detox perspective this can be a pretty heavy dose of detox and your body may not be used to such an intense affect
-Last but not least I find a lot of people to be serious mouth breathers! When you are oil pulling you cannot breath through your mouth so your body may go into a stress state which can result in a headache as well

Basically for all of the above reasons I usually tell people to just reel it in, you don’t need to be squeaky clean and detoxed your first day of doing it. It’s about creating a habit, and one you love to do for that matter (and if you get a headache every time you do it you wont love doing it! I can pretty much guarantee that!) . So start out smaller! 20 minutes is a heck of a long time! Try 3-5 minutes and as you feel good with that start to increase your time. Only do what you feel is right for your body!


Charcoal Oil Pulling


Have you tried oil pulling?! Did it feel good for your body? Planning on trying it out now?! let me know in the comments! Or you can always shoot me a message on one of my social medias in the top right hand corner of the browser!


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April 23, 2016
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