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Alright so let’s Start here. I will bring you through a run-down of where to go on my little health battleship here.

This website is currently my pride and joy and the Start your body here portion is your map. The site is here to help optimize performance and help individuals connect their body better. Some of the posts you will find here will have to do with Muscle, Food, and Life optimization.

I will fill these virtual pages with digestible chunks of knowledge so you can understand why you are doing these exercises, eating this food, eliminating these stressors etc… but without being overwhelmed by the super in depth research science of it all. (Let’s not kid ourselves I’m a movement nerd there will be some of the science….. also I will add in some sarcasm because well…. That’s just how I communicate best).

You will benefit from this website if you are….

An athlete who has big goals.

Have hit a plateau.

Want to understand the behind the scenes of better performance before pouring all your hard work into something and you just don’t know why.

If you are struggling to stay motivated to do the little things when they do not yield immediate results.

This site strives to help educate you on the importance of doing the little things instead of just telling you to “do” them.

It also explains the importance of doing those little things correctly. Then incorporating how to’s. I explain it in consumable snippets that do not overwhelm you with the biology you didn’t pay attention to in high school (because who did really???). There are also lots of other perks I will be posting such as recipes and detox goodies to make sure things are always exciting while you try out something new.

Begin to connect your body map obsessively and optimize your performance here, just start to poke around the site. If you are looking for a post to start with … I am a bit of a breathing for life advocate so starting with the diaphragm would be your best bet to get in touch with your body. Lifestyle habits are the thing that brought you here? Check out the a Day in the body series. If you want to know more about me and how I came to this work….. keep reading (don’t worry, even if you do want to know more about me, you can always come back if you’d rather skip away to read about your most powerful muscle… I wouldn’t blame ya)……

Since I have started focusing on the little things, everything has changed.

I have always been an ‘athletic” kid,  did well with sports with not a whole lot of effort. I seemed to have energy for days.  As well as the sheer genetic muscle and the complete lack of respect for my body you needed (or so I thought) to be good at any physical sport. I did well in sports such as tennis, rugby and I have considered myself a runner most of my life. The problem was that I lacked discipline. If I didn’t see results immediately I didn’t want to continue doing it.

A sport such as running I did great because there was exact goals that I could work towards. Ie/ run a faster mile than yesterday.

Even in running however, I would hit snags because when I hit a plateau I would get bored and stop for a while. I would then go back later and push my body to the same distance and speed as before (almost as if to inflict some sort of crazy challenge on myself because I “couldn’t” get faster). Not understanding that our bodies are a whole slide and glide system. When you are hitting plateaus it does not mean you are done there. It actually means you need to step up your muscle’s ability to perform. Now I know that this can be attained many ways, perhaps by looking outside of running. You need to get out of the way of the muscle by assessing what it needs (more on that in the posts).

I got into yoga very early on because I was told if I was active I needed to stretch to help my muscles optimize. My mother took me and it felt good (especially for my digestive tract) if you know what I mean. The feeling soon faded and I quickly forgot how good that felt. I had trouble sticking with it.

There was no broken down answer as to WHY I should be doing this. HOW it can help me. Worse of all; I had no competition, no one to beat, not even me.

As I started training for more races I started reading up on things such as Active recovery days. The problem became that there was such a huge plethora of information. Some of this was wayyyyy over simplified (I’m talking running even if you’re a couch potato and have never walked before) and others were way too complicated all about counting exact calories, macros, 2 hours of foam rolling and baths all day every day (I’ve got other stuff to do in my life).

I was still under the impression that I had a maximum plateau that my body just could not get past. However, I did start to get a bit more in tune with my belly and realize that some days my runs were easier than others.

After some reading and time I drew the conclusion that this came from what I was eating (everything else being constant so it must be my diet *eureka*).

At this point I started doing yoga more consistently to see if it made a difference. Quite often I took classes and felt next to nothing. It felt like I was wasting time and still needed to go out for a run. As a result I refused to do anything other than hot yoga….. that’s just yoga but I’m there lol…. no but really! I only did yoga in a hot sweaty room because if I wasn’t sweating I wasn’t working (sweating felt gooooood but more on that in another post)

Now if by chance a teacher started talking spiritual stuff I zoned out immediately. Then i accidentally took a yoga class with a great teacher. She was able to chang my whole perspective on the yoga industry. She made me feel a spiritual aspect of yoga and getting in touch with my body I had never felt. She gave cues that had me discoing and working blind spots in my body I did not know I had. I left the class and I had muscles that were sore that I didn’t know I had.

I was always under the impression that my legs were these huge power houses that were at their max and could not be made sore unless I loaded up on heavy weights, I was wrong.

From here on out I had trouble going to just any kind of yoga class. I needed more of that “unknown” soreness, I was obsessed. I started reading and doing my own study of proper yoga posture and how to get the most out of your yoga “workout”.  As this teacher left the club I was a part of, I was lucky to stumble upon another great teacher. She happened to be a Yoga Tune Up® teacher. I was so pleased to discover that there was a whole world of yogis focused on finding your body’s blind spots. I started to use these little rubber advils every day for my active recovery. My performance saw drastic improvements. I learned more about alignment proper form and got engrossed in this world of your body.

I did my Yoga teacher training shortly thereafter and started teaching.

If I am being completely honest the idea of a daily practice seemed to escape me once again. There was no one to compete with, and I felt like my body was stuck in a plateau once again. I continued the spiritual aspect of yoga but even though I continued to teach, the physical, it got pushed to the back burner. I rediscovered weights and running and I felt great with them (I was also struggling with thyroid issues-more on that in another post- so mitochondrial renewal sweat felt much better to my body than yogic stretching).

However, I knew that there were aspects that felt good and I wanted to isolate them so I decided to continue my learning experience. So I did my Yoga Tune Up® teacher training.

“This is amazing!!!!” I called my boyfriend the first day to tell him. I learned more there than I did most of my high school education (sorry if any of my teachers ever stumble upon this page). I was re-inspired to teach people how to move.

To date that has been the hardest and best training I have done. They put you in a pressure cooker situation. However as a result within the span of a week you become better at your life’s passion. You rediscover why you fell in love with it in the first place. You learn to help people be safe but work them so they are getting the whole body connection. They turn on your ‘want to learn more’ switch. Now I intrinsically always had the switch but it just needed a gentle shove in the right direction. Once I started understanding the specifics behind the tasks. I took the time to learn more and I started seeing the monstrous benefits.

As a result I have not missed a day of practice, or any opportunity to learn from, or improve my body. I have gained so much knowledge over the last while and I keep finding new things to learn. Here I stand ready to share this knowledge with you. If I can make a fraction of the difference, these teachers and this practice of yoga Tune Up® have made in my life….  to someone else then this website has done its job.

Yoga Tune Up® really is the reason that this website is up and running.

I want to spread the message to people that you can be amazing at what you do. You can break through that plateau, keep that discipline. I also want people to know that it does not have to come at the price of their body. You do not need to beat yourself up for improved performance. Luckily you landed on her right page because you just have to start getting to know your body. There is a big difference between discomfort (the good kind that I still chase after years of exercise) and pain (where you are hurting your body and only gaining something very short term). The key is connecting your body! This is the biggest take-away I try to install in my classes. Are you feeling pain or are you feeling discomfort?

I hope this site is as helpful to you as all of my resources have been to me so far!

How do you connect with your body every day? Let me know in the comments!

If you like this type of work be sure to check out the facebook page here, find my personal page (I’m always up for health and nutrition convo), or connect on instagram, twitter, Pinterest. Or I am always available for a chat just fill out the form below!

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June 15, 2016
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