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Come Work some Muscle with Me- Check out my schedule

My schedule is mostly filled with classes I teach Yoga Tune Up® and corrective exercises accompanied by ball rolling in. That’s the main focus but the odd time, we do break into some kind of funny dance or heaven forbid a Vinyasa Flow (don’t tell any of my YTU friends). We try to keep things light and fun so that you don’t feel so bogged down that you start to over compensate with your stronger muscles. It’s all about finding your body blind spots. My goal is to help you find something new. Everyone knows they should move their bodies for optimal health. I want to show you how to get even more out of every exercise you do. (I must warn you though, sometimes I think my students have voodoo dolls of me because I don’t think we have the same idea of fun 😉 )

I have a soft spot for runners so I end up at the Running Room doing unscheduled talks pretty often. You won’t find those on the schedule (you’ll just have to catch me in action randomly) but besides that my schedule changes all the time. Especially with the whole living in Germany part of the year and Canada the other part.

However I always have time when I am at home to schedule some classes in so feel free to message me if you are in my area to schedule a session.

Current outlook: Headed back to Germany

I’ll get my new updated schedule up soon!


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June 15, 2016
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