Why You Need to be in a Committed Relationship – With a Yoga Teacher

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I used to be super guilty of just hopping to the gym whenever I had the time, catching whatever class I could. After all, I had a busy schedule so why would bother trying to just go to one teacher. I worked 60 hour weeks on my feet, I just basically wanted to be in a hot room and move so I sweat. I pretty much refused to go to a regular class. If it wasn’t hot it wasn’t for me. (oh how young and naive I was!). The importance of a yoga teacher had not dawned on me yet.


Yoga Teacher

Fast forward to a few years into my yogi studies….. when I was still a student (although… you should always continue to be a student … but that’s a whole other topic) and I discovered some yoga teachers that really turned my yoga world upside down. They made me feel things in my body I did not understand at the time (now slightly more grown up and just slightly wiser I know it was something called proprioception and interoception).

You see, we all live with these little alignment differences (I like to call them our gargoyle alignment in my classes). Where we just “feel better” or more comfortable standing a certain way, bending down to pick something up or other such activities. Some of it is learned… yea I see you over there standing exactly like your mother does one hand on your hip. Some of it is as a result of previous injury or discomfort. Heck some of it could even be emotional or confidence aligned. However at the end of the day… there is very few people who are perfectly in alignment (except maybe Jill Miller founder of Yoga Tune Up®). What I have discovered in my yoga teaching and found shocking is how few people can actually get their body into a natural alignment. I, myself, was no exception to this.

When I started practicing I had a lot of trouble with planks. I would have almost every  yoga teacher tell me to go lower pretty much—— ALL     THE      TIME. The problem was that when I did that my lower back screamed. I could hold it, muscle through it, sure. I have always been athletic and had the ability to muscle through most things, but something just didn’t feel right.

Eventually I started seeing the benefit of going to specific teachers… because let’s be honest some of them just knew more than others. (Not discounting the others because I am pretty sure most of them were Personal Trainers or other fit pros that took a YTT but it wasn’t their passion). It wasn’t until a yoga teacher I had been going to consistently pointed out my Anterior tilt (before I even know what a pelvic tilt let alone an anterior one was… like does that have something to do with the front of something??? I dunno) that I realized “eureka! There’s a reason behind this madness… my rectus abdomens, my psoas and other frontal muscles are weak!”. You wouldn’t think one would be so excited that they found a serious weakness in their body but I was elated. I had the ability to do planks and other exercises from a brand new lense … a brand new way of seeing things. Most importantly my back didn’t need to hurt, it needed support from its front muscle friends.

This was one of my bigger revelations about going to a teacher consistently. If you like them…..there’s a good chance they are doing something good for your body. What’s more so, when they see you day after day they get to learn your body, take notice and start to give you some suggestions as to how to elevate your practice to a new level. When you are just jumping in with whatever teacher is on at noon whatever day, never paying attention to who you go see, the quality drops down significantly. Not necessarily because of the teachers but because of their inability to see you day in and day out. They cannot make alignment suggestions because for all they know you could be doing something for a particular reason. Once you get comfortable with a yoga teacher it is the best feeling because you can get so much more out of your practice at the studio as well as when you do things at home.

After the day that my Anterior tilt was pointed out.. I looked into it, I experimented with my own exercises and practice when I went to the gym and guess what… no back pain. I knew it wasn’t right but I couldn’t explain it at the time. Now that I am a yoga teacher myself I encourage students to talk about their bodies to me. What’s more important, I emphasize that going to one teacher on a prolonged basis will give you more benefit in the long run because they can see you through changes. If they are a good teacher they can help you with the changes, they can help the harder poses become more accessible in a safer way for your body. But you’ll never know how much good it can do until you try it.


Yoga Teacher


I personally (may be a bit bias) suggest finding a Yoga Tune Up® teacher nearby and making the effort to attend their classes. Seeing how well they can set your awareness in your body.

I have a series starting at Awaken Wellness Centre in Waterloo, Ontario on June 15th/2016 every Wednesday at 7pm. Come check out what Yoga Tune Up® can do for your body. If you are not in the area check out the Yoga Tune Up® website directory for a teacher near you. There is over 300 now worldwide. Get into your body and retrain that pain!

Planning on attending a YTU class soon? Whose? Do you have a favourite or consistent yoga teacher? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message on social media!

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