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✨Welcome to body Connection obsessed T.V. { bCoTV } on YouTube✨

This is so exciting for me because it’s something I’ve talked about launching for agesssss

You know…. for a long time I identified myself as “athletic’ and “healthy” but I was missing so many pieces of the puzzle. I was not healthy in any way shape or form. I was just lacking illness. Physical education was important in my life so I would have a few weeks of working out…. but then I’d crash and burn. My lack of understanding that actually lead me to illness. I want nothing more than to show you how you can avoid my mistakes and steal a few health hacks I have picked up along the way.

On bCoTV I want to share the knowledge that I’ve acquired in the last decade of my life getting myself to optimal health.

✨So buckle up and get ready to learn about keeping health and fitness sustainable…

Everything from green juices 🍃🍃 to deadlifts and everything in between.


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October 21, 2016
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