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The Place to get all of your health and fitness hacking needs! 🍃

☝️️ I know when you’re trying to get all fit and healthy there’s a battle of trying to find the right stuff – (been there- done that – got the postcard 🙈)

✨✨✨Because of that I decided to compile a list of the best – most high quality fitness shyte I’ve found on the market 


This stuff will help you get fit and fabulous but 

✨✨✨ best of all – it’ll help build easy peasy lemon squeezy 🍋 habit hacks into your day. That way you don’t have to worry about getting your workout in.  Or how on earth your going to eat healthy! 


Instead… you’re excited to eat healthy and get healthy! Working on your fitness is a breeze and That way you create habits that stick for life 


Check em out: 


The TXR Suspension Trainer- perfect for when you are on the go… SO mobile and can be hooked up to any door or bar – this was a game changer for me when I travel {click on the picture to check it out}


Yoga Tune Up® balls are always a must – especially for any long car ride or travel – you can see all the different varieties here

I love love love to use resistance training…..  It’s so nice to have a super portable few pieces you can just throw in your purse everywhere you go! So these are a must……


{ click on the picture above to get yourself some!}

Now that you know what the right tools are – go on and get yourself some girl! 

✨ then keep an eye on ✨ bCo TV ✨ for all the ways you can use them! 


✨ love, radiance and coffee ☕️  to you 💖


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October 22, 2016
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