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Shannon Crowder

This girl…. Shannon Crowder. Let me tell ya. Her and I met at a Holistic Networking event in the big town of Waterloo and sparks flew. We got together for coffee and she has started me on this awesome Oil journey I have whole heartedly embraced. I have serious admiration for how she lives in her light daily and how she manages to put herself out there. She has a great daily schedule so check it out what she’s got to say about it…..



Hey its Shannon Crowder but I would love for you to call me Shan. I haven’t always been a healthy bee. In fact, at one long stretch of my life (ages 27 – 31ish), I was very deep into the rave scene of downtown Toronto. Luckily for me, my life plan seriously changed when my first marriage deteriorated.

In 2008 I went back to school to continue a love affair with food. My direction? Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I wanted to know how food could heal the body and get my family out of the toxic state we were in. I graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a diploma in Natural Nutrition.

Today, I have my own business: Holistic Health and Harmony where I guide individuals along their #wholelife, #holisticlife journey. We focus not only on nutrition but also the soul space. A space that deserves to be honoured.

My life purpose is to have our own animal Sanctuary.

Here is my Holistic day xo

7:30 AM

Wake up time via the click click click of my doggies’ nails on the floor, and then a lick from each

Quick 5 mins of gratitude either in my journal, my mind or snuggle with dogs

7:35 AM

4 oz glass of water with 1 -2 drops Lemon Essential oil (I feature doTERRA in my biz xo)

8:00 AM

Long drive to take my step-beauty Shianne to school way the heck across town. In car we feast on our breaky prepared by my hubster.

Breakfast: Breaky Sandwichyyyy = 1 ½ cage free, humanely raised and loved eggs sourced from Mosborough Country Market near Guelph, 2 slices of rye toast and Earth Balance NON dairy, soy free, NON GMO fake butter, also ½ slice of same/same cheese (NON GMO, Dairy free, Soy free).

9:00 AM

Arrive back home to spend time with my two dogs and cat. A bit of coffee (2 minimum as I am addicted to coffee – my 20% of my 80/20 rule) and sunshine on the deck. I use organic, free-trade coffee with almond milk. I bask in the sunshine after putting a wee spray of doTERRA TerraShield Outdoor Blend on both myself and the dogs. Toxin free bug protection that smells divine.


Shower power ! In my shower we only use products that are free of chemicals that can harm the body but also the environment.

You will find: doTERRA shamp, conditioner, Rosemary Essential oil to strengthen my fine hair, Tea Tree oil for when my scalp gets dry, and of course body wash. I am still on the same bottle of doterra body wash from Xmas! I also like to drop a splash of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in my shower to open my airways and make me feel allllllive !

Skin care is doTerra essential line. Oh so good, paired with Frankincense for my wrinkles!!!

10:30 – Noon

Popped on a webinar hosted by Brittany Joy, an entrepreneur like moi.

Sent some emails to clients making sure they too were out enjoying the sunshine.

Vitamin H for Happiness !

Back outside for a walk with the boys and a play in the park

Pause to thank God/Source for such a beautiful life

Prep for day of lunch: organic soaked and cooked chickpeas, chopped celery and sunflower seeds, light sprinkle of balsamic and organic sunflower oil. Cut up organic cucumber and apple

Larabar and Citrus water (prepared with Lemon, Wild Orange and Grapefruit Essential Oils)

12:20 – 5:00

At the chiro office where I hold an office. Staff meeting, periscope, vid blogging, connecting with clients and love, so much love.

I diffuse doTERRA Elevation in my office, a very spiritually joyful blend


Home – yes I work this close to my home !!! Catch up with my step daughter, hug the doggies.

Prep for dinner. We are all on different paths of our journey so meal time is intense BUT, I pop some doTERRA Motivate Blend in my diffuser and get to work !

Hubby: Eats meat 3 – 5x/week. I will NOT serve pork in my house so usually comprised of Steak, Chicken or Fish.

Daughter: Eats Fish, Dairy and eggs NO animal flesh

Moi: Vegan ‘cept I eat farm fresh loved chicken eggs

Dinner: Green cabbage veggie cups – filled with a scoop of red lentils, Ontario fiddleheads, Ontario asparagus, light tomato sauce and veggie broth. I simmer in a cast iron pan. I do almost all my cooked food in cast iron pans

(see my FB page and video blogs: Holistic Health and Harmony for benefits and tricks and tips with using cast iron cookware).

Clean up using toxin free cleaner concentrate from doTERRA.

6 PM – 8 PM:

Prepare for team call at 8:30. I do this by going back outside to gather love from the Universe then pop on my team call. I lead 8, or so, gal entrepreneurs on their quest for time freedom, financial abundance and true wellness. My business has over 250 product users and builders.

9:30 – 11:00:

Snuggle with pups and hubby on the couch. I usually catch a few minutes of TV or, listen to an Audible book in my ear, while sipping an herbal tea infused with lemon essential oil. I prepare our diffuser for night sleep with either single or combination of oils including: Lavender, Serenity, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Arborvitae.

Pop on Bob Proctor’s Abundance Meditation before sleep. I do this EVERY night. I suggest folks do too. “What you play in the scene of your mind, you can hold in your hand”.

Shannon Crowder…. Applause please. This is a girl living in her light? Did you catch a shiny glimpse while you read? I sure did. Let us know if any of her stuff hit you over the head like an apple falling out of a tree. How can you live more authentically? Can you maybe take the time to go outside and connect?

Let us know in the comments or shoot me a message on my social media. Also don’t forget to share Shannon Crowders enlightening, soulful day with someone you think might need a loving reminder of health and harmony.

Then make sure you skip over to her site, her instagram, Facebook and you can tweet her. Here you can find out all about what Holistic Health and Harmony biz is created to support (hint its everyone, no matter their starting point).


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September 4, 2016
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