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Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans is Healthy & Psyched

I first connected with Rachel Evans over on the Healthy Bloggers Community Dashboard. Her delightful treats she kept posting drew my attention immediately (I mean who doesn’t like chocolate covered heaven like this…. yea with my magic looking through computer powers I can tell you are drooling looking at this I totally was too!) So naturally when we connected and talked about the A Day in the body Series I knew she had to be featured. I mean who has time to be a PhD student and make heaven melting avocado chocolate squares?

A little about her since my intro just drooled over her food: Rachel Evans is a full time psychology PhD student and the creator of Healthy & Psyched blog. She loves fruit and veggies so much that once you get her started talking about them (or health and wellbeing in general) she just won’t shut up! ( In the best way possible!) That’s why she created a blog to share delicious recipes made from natural ingredients, lifestyle tips and reviews. Check out her day here……

On a typical day I wake up at 7am and head straight downstairs to make some

warm lemon water.

It’s great for flushing out toxins and I feel like it helps my digestion for the rest of the day.

7.30am: Breakfast time!! This is my absolute favourite part of the day- I love breakfast foods so much! Smoothies or overnight oats are my go to at the moment. I always make sure to include at least 2 portions of fruit and/or vegetables and to make my food look pretty so I can photograph it for instagram!!

Healthy & Psyched breakfast pictures

8.30am: I leave the house and walk to my office at university. It takes me about 20 minutes up a hill. It’s great exercise and I’d never take the bus, even when it’s raining! I’m sat down for most of the day so it’s really important for me to get moving early on.


Healthy and Psyched Rachel Evans Green SmoothieHealthy and Psyched Rachel Evans

10am: Tea break! I like to take a break from work midmorning otherwise my concentration dies away. There’s a kettle in my office but I walk to the common room on the floor below to make a cup of green tea. Sometimes it’s nice to bump into someone and have a chat or just get a change of scenery.

12pm: Lunch time. I usually eat lunch pretty early around 12ish. If I’ve been bored with my work I tend to be hungry by now. Sometimes I have lunch at my desk, which isn’t good practice. Usually, I try and arrange to eat with my friends. To save money I take a packed lunch on most days. In the winter I like a warming soup or microwaved jacket potato. During the summer I’m a big fan of salads and hummus.

I also keep a jar of chilli flakes in my desk to spice things up a bit. Chilli is great for raising your metabolism!

2pm: Quite often I have a meeting at 2pm, which is quite nice and breaks up the afternoon. If I don’t have a meeting I’ll probably have a tea break. I also make sure that I drink at least a bottle (750ml) of water throughout the afternoon to keep me hydrated. I’ve got a Bobble, which has a built in filter that I love.

5pm: Home time or gym time.

I head to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to do a resistance and body weight workout. At the moment I’m part way through the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. I love the structure and it means that I have to do exercises that I might normally avoid. The workout takes me about 30-45 minutes after which I sometimes sneak in a bit of ab work. I know it’s good practice to stretch after a workout but normally I skip it because I’m keen for dinner!

On Tuesday and Thursdays I either go to the gym to walk on the treadmill for about 45 minutes or walk the long way home. This low intensity steady state exercise is great for fat burning.

6.30pm: Dinner time. I’m such an inpatient cook! Generally I throw some veggies (such as sweet potato, aubergine and courgette) in the oven to roast while I go and shower. Then I’ll steam some green veg (like broccoli, peas and spinach) and make a quick tomato sauce with herbs and a can of beans. My other favourite dinners include stir-fry with buckwheat noodles or a bean burger with homemade potato wedges and salad. I always center my meal around vegetables. I love the fresh taste and how healthy they make me feel.

7.15pm: Usually after I’ve finished dinner I want something sweet (even if I’m not actually hungry)! I resist for about 20 minutes then cave in and find something like a few dates, a banana or homemade granola. It’s become a bit of a bad habit now, but at least I’m not eating sugary chocolate puddings.

7.30pm: In the evenings I typically work on my blog, read other people’s blogs or do some research for my PhD. Sometimes if I’m feeling a bit brain dead I’ll just watch YouTube videos.

There isn’t a tv in the house I’m renting, which stops me wasting my whole evening in front of the screen.

10pm: Throughout the evening I drink 2-3 cup of herbal tea. I always have camomile just before bed. It might be psychological, but I think I sleep better afterwards.

10.30- 11pm: I try and be in bed for 10.30pm, but it’s not a rigid time if I’m busy or not tired.

If I can’t sleep I usually do some colouring or some relaxing stretches.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peek at my life! Visit my blog to see more of what keeps me healthy & psyched.

Um Heyo new sleep hack….. I always try to put my phone/ipod down for at least 30 min before bed because… well you know… screen time…. and I try and read in those last 30 min but I never thought about colouring to calm the money brain. And wouldn’t you know it I jut got my new colouring book from Amanda Trip (my beloved Yoga Tune Up® master trainer)

Did Rachel Evans ‘ day bring up a new habit you never thought about…. or how about something you’ve been meaning to implement and just been a bit of a slacker (guilty as charged over here …. I need to walk more places!) Let me know in the comments or on one of my social media areas in the top right. Then catch up with Rachl Evans over on her blog, instagram, twitter or her Facebook.  Also feel free to share this with someone who could use a reminder of some healthy hacks and then toon into the other awesome ladies posts in this series!


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August 21, 2016
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