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Jodie Owen: Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor

Jodie Owen: I’ve always been a spiritual seeker. But when I began to incorporate daily rituals and habits into my routine, that’s when I found my happy place. I work with women who are ready to transform their lives and start living authentically. I teach them the spiritual principles and life tools to help up-level their lives. For me, it’s about shifting your perspective, tuning into your higher self and nurturing an energy that you are excited to be a part of.

I am balancing two careers at the moment (I work full time as a rep for a Biotech company + coaching on the side). So, there are some parts of my day that are typical, and others that are far from it! But I remain grateful for my current flexibility which allows me to build and attend to both. (My goal is to coach/speak/inspire full time!)
I also have a 5yr old daughter and 8yr old step daughter who help me keep it real and fresh.
Some days I do it better than others (with gratitude, alignment, mediation, journaling etc). I think that’s just the ebb and flow of life, and part of spiritual growth. The important thing is, my burning desire to become more and to live fully is a flame you can’t put out.

Here is what a day in my life looks like:

6:45am: Wake up. Look out my window to admire the sky…I’ve witnessed some of the most beautiful sunrises from my bed! I state 3 things I am grateful for. Then my feet hit the floor.

7:00am: I make coffee and write in my gratitude journal. I usually drink water while I wait for my coffee to brew. I love my asobu® water bottle with built-in infuser (I’ll stuff it with either lemon, cucumber, berries or orange slices)

7:10am: I start making the kid’s lunches

7:20am: We wake up the girls and get them downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast for them rotates between cereal, whole grain toast or oatmeal. Throw in the occasional sliced banana.
Breakfast for me rotates between oatmeal with berries, greek yogurt, poached egg on whole grain toast or an almond milk juice plus smoothie.

7:45am: I try and post something inspirational on social media. I typically feel very creative and inspired at this time, so I act on it when I can!

8:00am: See my partner off to work. Read my daily quotes from SimpleReminders.com (they are in my inbox every day at 8am sharp!) Start getting the girls ready for school.

8:40am: Drive the girls to school. Usually have a quick dance session in the car to a song of their choice.

9:00am: This varies based on the day but can consist of the following:
: Get on a coaching call with a client
: Work on a few items for my coaching business and branding. (writing blog content, program worksheets, social media posts, goals, to do’s, to don’ts)
: Guided meditation.
: Journaling
I’ve come to accept that at this point, I cannot always fit in everything. So I do what I feel energetically aligned to. Note: crystals are close by for energy, creativity and intuition ☺

10:00am: Get on the road to make sales calls and attend to customer meetings

12:30pm: I do my best to grab something fairly healthy when on the road (kale salad or chicken hummus wrap)

2:00pm: Or whenever I’m driving in the car and the urge comes, I listen to any one of the following:
: A podcast (Love Wellness Wonderland with Katie Dalebout)
: Audiobooks (Wayne Dyer or A Course in Miracles Workshop with Marianne Williamson)
: Music by Snatum Kaur (Ong Namo is my fave)

4:30pm: I’m on a coaching call with a client OR heading to workout at Crossfit (3 times per week). Crossfit has not only challenged me physically and mentally, but it’s provided such an amazing sense of community. I’ve got my spiritual running buddies and my fitness buddies. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals (in any area of your life) lifts you up and expands the experience.

5:30pm: pick up the kids from after school care

5:45pm: unload backpacks, homework and start the prep for dinner

6:15pm: Eat dinner as a family. It can consist of a combination of fish, chicken, pork, rice, sweet potato, salad, veggies. I try to limit pasta to once every 2 weeks. (but I think most kids would choose it every day if they could)

7:00pm: Clean up starts. I am obsessed with a clean and tidy kitchen, plus it makes a such a huge difference the next morning when you walk into that cleanliness!
The girls either play together or the oldest does her homework. My partner and I are usually re-capping on the day’s events or just shooting the breeze. This gets shortened if it’s bath night.

8:00pm: Start the bedtime routine with the kids. Brush teeth, stories, cuddles and giggles.

9:00pm: If the timing is right and we have the energy to sustain it, we’ll watch a show on Netflix. This downtime with each other is critical to our relationship as it’s easy to get caught up in the autopilot roles and responsibilities.

10:00pm: Bed time. Or 10:15ish if I can’t help but:
: Read a few pages from a book
: Check out a huffpost article I flagged
: Watch a quick youtube snippet from Super Soul Sunday
: Mini meditation or prayer

I will note that at any point during my days, I use affirmations to keep me in alignment or shift me back if I notice my thoughts are draining my energy. Some of my go-to affirmations are:
“The Universe has my back”
“I choose happiness instead”
“I am worthy”
“Peace begins with me”
“I am infinite, I am abundant, I am light”

With love

jodie owen


If you connect with what Jodie has to say you can always check her out on her website here, her instagram or Facebook.


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July 10, 2016
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