A Day in the body: Hannah Campbell

hannah campbell: nutrition student

Nutrition and Health Student Hannah Campbell’s Busy Scheduled Hacks

Hannah Campbell is awesome! She does it all. When I first talked to her she was worried that her day did not “fit” with this series. However, I personally think it’s the perfect fit to show that you can do everything and keep your health and sanity at the same time. She does an amazing job so go on check out her day!


A Day in the body of Hannah Campbell


My name is Hannah Campbell, and I blog at Whole Food, Whole You. I’m a Nutrition and Health student currently in a crazy 20 hour semester (my last one before graduation!), so my daily routine is definitely interesting! I hope you will find my “schedule hacks” somewhat relatable and helpful for your own routines and goals.

More often than not, life is crazy and you may not be able to help it. Sometimes, all you can do is coast into survival mode. Unfortunately, survival mode doesn’t always allow perfect workout plans and 3 course paleo/vegetarian/whole food meals. THAT’S OKAY. You can still make a wonderful impact on your health by figuring out what works for you and what helps you pursue health goals in the busyness of life.

Here’s what a “normal” day looks like for me, and how I survive it!:

My day really starts the night before. I pack a lunch (it saves money, too!) that usually contains dinner leftovers or a big salad with some protein and fat (chicken, olives, onion, and avocado are my go-to favorite toppings). I also make sure to pack plenty of snacks, or else I’ll get hangry and hit up the vending machine. I think we’ve all been there.

Oh, and one note on packing snacks – I think one of the keys to surviving a busy period of life is finding the balance between convenience and saving money. Healthy snacks can be expensive (if they are the packaged variety), but DIY versions of those snacks can take more time and energy than you can afford. One of my favorite snacks to pack for long days are Lara Bars, since they are just fruit and nuts. I thought I would be really thrifty and make them myself, but soon realized that it wasn’t worth the trouble at this point in my life. So now I just bite the cost and buy them. 🙂

6:00am, my alarm goes off. Ugh. I’m not a morning person, so to make my day happier, I usually listen to a health podcast (my favorites are Balanced Bites and The Paleo Women Podcast) or watch some of HGTV’s Fixer Upper while I get ready! I don’t have time to watch TV unless I’m multi-tasking, so this is a good time to indulge in Netflix.

6:30-7:15ish, I finish getting ready and make a quick breakfast before running out the door! My breakfast usually consists of some form of healthy carbohydrate, like fruit or sweet potato hash, and fat + protein, like eggs. I’ve also gotten into green smoothies lately, which save a TON of time in the morning. I try to make a big batch over the weekend for grab-and-go breakfasts during the week. They’re perfect to sip while I commute 30 minutes to class.

During my commute, I listen to podcasts or happy music and try to practice deep breathing. Otherwise, I’ll be stressed out before I even get to class!

8:05am, my first class begins. The parking on my campus is pretty awful, but it helps me get more exercise! I walk at least a couple miles between all my classes and the parking lot.

After my first class, I use my two hour break to read my Bible (my faith is very important to me), do a little blogging, and work on my research project or other homework.

I NEED to be productive during this break, but because my work load feels so overwhelming, I’ve found that it is very easy for me to get distracted by social media (it feels like an escape from responsibility)! That’s why I LOVE the app called “SelfControl”, which blocks any websites you choose for a certain amount of time. Ever since I downloaded it on my Mac, I’ve been much more productive. I also use an iPhone app called “Forest” which plants trees if I don’t touch my phone! Pretty cool!

4:30pm, After hours of classes, homework, and another commute, I get home. Time to walk my very excited German Shepherd! Since I have such limited time, walking the dog and walking on campus is my exercise routine. Of course, once I get past this crazy semester, that will probably change. But right now, a low-stress exercise plan fits my high-stress life perfectly. It also allows for plenty of natural movement, like running around with my puppy in a field and finding sticks to throw!

6:30pm (hopefully not later), a nourishing dinner is served. Sometimes this is leftovers (easiest), sometimes this is a crockpot meal (I love it when I can accomplish one of those in the morning), and sometimes it is a super easy, throw together meal, like a big salad or healthy stir fry. Either way, my husband and I make sure to sit down together and catch up while we enjoy the meal. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my day! We also pray together before we eat. Again, this is part of my Christian faith, but it also puts me into the relaxed state of “rest and digest” so my body can break down food!

After dinner, I do homework until I turn the lights off. I don’t love this part of the routine, but it’s necessary if I want to keep up with 20 credit hours of assignments.


hannah campbell: nutrition student


That’s pretty much it! I have found a LOT of success in planning ahead and giving myself grace for the busy seasons. The truth is, you will have to make sacrifices in the busyness – that’s just the way it is. However, you can still prioritize health by getting a little creative. And sometimes, it’s just a good idea to turn off the light, get some beauty rest, and leave that project for the next day. 🙂

Want to stay connected with Hannah Campbell? Interested in more tips, recipes, and articles for healthy living? You can find her here , and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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April 19, 2016
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