A Day in the body

A day in the body

Let me tell you how A Day in the body Series was born in my mind…..

I always loved seeing the Day to Day lives of people in careers I love (so pretty much anything health, nutrition and fitness related).

Mainly I enjoyed this because I could steal any habits, routines or new moves I never thought of. Then start to incorporate these for myself and implement them into my daily routine.

I would search often for days. I would find one “feature post” of some “famous” trainer or yogi’s day. I would then frantically search the site for more…. but alas there was none….. So in lieu of not finding these types of posts very often (because just one at a time did not work for me… boringgggg… I like my posts like I like my Netflix, having the full ability to binge read and watch) I thought I would take the initiative and find people in my industry.

My last few years in the health and fitness industry I have met some pretty astounding health and fit pros. I always thought “oh gosh I wonder how their day pans out”.

Yea I’m a bit of a semi stalker hahaha. When I met Juliet Starrett of Mobilitywod and she said “oh you look familiar …… I blurted out “thats because I cyberstalk you… I’m the one liking all of your pictures 24/7” WE naturally became the best of friends haha

All of the individuals I have chosen live healthy lives so I know an online of their typical routine will inspire you. They inspire me every time I read them.

Now I thought Tuesday: a perfectly fine day to run these A Day in the body posts out… however, the more I think about it the more I realize that we need a dose of inspiration from these awesome individuals when we are about to get our weekly fresh start (btw thats what I call Mondays). So I decided Sunday was a much better day to have these fit pros give you tips and tricks they use during their day.

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A day in the body

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June 15, 2016
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